Gooch’s Gunners: A Retrospective

The 2020 NFL Draft is in a matter of days and I am not in love with any of the Quarterback prospects. Here is a list of my 10 favorite QB prospects in my draft life thus far. The first draft I remember watching and processing was 2006, the rest is history.


10. Brad Kaaya- 2017 #215 


Celt Pride. Maybe not the most notable prospect, Kaaya went to Crespi his freshman year of high school and my big bro Tommy would have had a shot to play with him if he made the A squad. Nonetheless, I have to support the Crespi cat. Shoutout Kaaya.

9. Will Grier- 2019 #100 

I loved watching Grier at Florida and West Virginia and albeit his mediocre arm, I believe he has high end gamer-ability.  I may have been a bit over my skis to rank him #2 in the 2019 QB class, but time will tell.

8. Teddy Bridgewater- 2014 #32 

Some of the balls Teddy threw at Louisville were as beautiful as can be. The combination of Bridgewater’s grit, poise, accuracy and leadership led him on a fast track to the my #1 QB in 2014 ahead of Bortles and Johnny Football. Yeesh!

7. Sam Darnold- 2018 #3

Clay Helton just got another year at USC and the only reason he had that opportunity is because Darnold saved his job at USC in the first place. Starting with Darnold coming off the bench to beat the Utes in his first real appearance as the USC QB all the way to his great performance in the Rose Bowl vs Penn State, I have thoroughly enjoyed Darnold’s game. Now it’s time for the Joe Douglas to start reading the BackJudge.

6. Robert Griffin III- 2012 #2 

Before my love for Andrew Luck blossomed into full fruition, I was an RG3 truther. Watching his career falter due to injuries has been brutal, but I will never forget the magic he left on the field during his first year in Washington.

5. Vince Young2006 #3 

I was just a young boy at the time of the 2006 Rose Bowl, but nearly every football fan can remember that game. Watching Vince Young helped me fall in love with football and QB.

4. Russell Wilson- 2012 #75

My first real “call” I can remember making about an individual QB was Russel Wilson starting for the Seahawks over Matt Flynn in 2012.

After watching Wilson at Wisconsin, I believed he could buck the trend against sub 6 foot QB’s but the memorable moment for me loving Wilsons game was the NFL Combine, oddly enough. Any shred of doubt I had about his precision and potential was long gone after I watched him throw a few of those clean deep balls he has now mastered in the NFL. After watching that I was sold on him as a legit NFL talent.

3. Kyler Murray- 2019 #1

I welcome you to listen to the hours of podcasts we have covering the 2019 Draft. I was beyond bullish on Kyler Murray. He was a prospect that I liked more and more with each day. Kyler was and is a treat to watch and I expect him to be a Super Bowl QB soon.

2. Brady Quinn- 2007 #22

Brady Quinn is a huge part of my football growth and probably my favorite CFB player ever. I was absolutely nuts for him back in 2007 and thought he would save the Browns. Unfortunately, Brady showed up to the NFL expecting an impromptu NFL Street game to break out, forcing him to play QB and linebacker. Love you, Brady.

  1. DeShaun Watson- 2017 #12

DeShaun Watson was as clear a winning NFL QB as I have ever laid my eyes on during the 2017 NFL Draft process. 3+ year starter who exhibited excellent dual-threat skills triumphed almighty Alabama and the cherry on top Dabo Swinney compares passing up on him to passing up on Michael Jordan. I said it before the draft and I will say it now. Hall of Fame.






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