Draft Season Ep.2

Episode 2 of Draft Season takes a look at UMASS WR Andy Isabella and Utha S Marquise Blair.

Let’s get right into it. Both of these guys have limited film available online, so I watched what I could and read up on a few of their scouting reports. Shoutout to thedraftnetwork.com.

Marquise Blair, S, Utah

6’2″, 195

Games Watched:

Washington 2018, Northern Illinois 2018

Blair was a very interesting study. Utah has him playing all over the field in the two games I watched. He spends most of his time in the box or between the tackle and slot receiver, but also has a good number of reps as a free safety, occasionally even lining up outside as a deep third player.

What I like most about Blair is that he is just a football player. Not afraid to get dirty, excels in the box, and also knows how to lay a hit. Sometimes his type of player can be sort of a unicorn athlete such as Josh Harvey-Clemons that doesn’t really fit in the NFL. Brown is definitely built for the league.

Some negatives are that there’s no real proof of ball production. He has 4 PBUs and 1 pick during his time at Utah. With that being said, he also didn’t get the ball thrown his way too much. It also isn’t clear what his best position in the NFL would be, but I would start at free safety. He also had some issues with targeting.

Jon Ledyard of The Draft Network wrote up a really thorough report on Blair, and mentions that the Senior Bowl will be huge for him. This can’t be understated. He will be tested out at multiple spots and we will see how he does. Utah played a lot of zone so watch for how he does man to man in Mobile.

Blair could become a very solid NFL safety. At the very least, he will be a core special teams player.

COMP: Clayton Geathers

Round Projection: 3/4

TVN: 64/100

Andy Isabella

5’10”, 185

Games Watched:

Boston College (2018), Mississippi State (2017), Highlight Tape

I’m bullish on Isabella. The dude can flat out play ball. He is not the typical white receiver, I would bet he runs a low 4.4 in the 40. He was a track guy in high school. His speed is elite, as are his cuts. He is also great after the catch. UMass also gave him the ball on end arounds and jet sweeps a few times.

Isabella didn’t run any crazy complicated routes, but he’s pretty good in his first steps of keeping the corners guessing. He sells cuts well on double moves. Isabella will be a nightmare for linebackers that get matched up on him one on one.

Due to his size, Isabella will have to make a living in the slot. There is absolutely no physicality to his game. He will not catch ’50/50′ balls. This ultimately limits his game substantially. He also has some issues with his strength while carrying the ball. This normally isn’t too much of a concern for a wide receiver, but Isabella would ideally carry the ball on gadget plays in the NFL. Isabella, like Blair, will have a lot to prove at the Senior Bowl.

I’d love to see an offensive minded head coach with a solid plan in place for Isabella to get his hands on this guy. He has potential to be one of the better deep threats in the NFL. With many of the “top” receivers for the moment having speed and agility questions, we could see Isabella’s stock rise substantially through the coming months

COMP: Ted Ginn Jr.

Round Projection: 2/3

TVN: 64/100


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