Glover Quin Appreciation Post

Former Houston Texan and Detroit Lion Glover Quin has officially retired from the NFL.

Quin was the ultimate iron-man, and started 156 of his 159 career games. Through his 10-year career, Quin tallied 24 interceptions, 737 tackles, 85 passes defended, 10 forced fumbles, four sacks and two interceptions returned for defensive touchdowns. In 2014 he led the league with 7 interceptions and earned himself a second-team All-Pro selection.

As a Lion Quin was a leader in the secondary as well as the entire defense. He deserves credit for much of the success of players like Darius Slay, Quandre Diggs, and hopefully Tracy Walker.

Quin was also a great man off the field. In 2017 he pledged $5,000 for every interception he got to be donated to the relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

My favorite Glover Quin memory came in a week 7 game against the Saints in the Den. Down 23-17 late in the 4th quarter, the Saints faced a 3rd down, and a 1st down conversion would likely put the Lions to bed.

Marques Colston had killed the Lions defense all game up the middle of the field, and the savvy veteran knew that would be the call from Sean Payton at this crucial juncture in the game. Quin picked of Brees, and eventually a Stafford to Corey Fuller TD pass won the game for Detroit.

In 2018 Quin clearly had lost a step, and now it will be time for second-year safety Tracy Walker to fill his role as the rangy free safety in the Detroit Defense.

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