Gooch Likes…

Barring a postponement, we are just under a month away from the draft. Here are some things I would like to see happen in the NFL before Draft Day.

  1. Cam Newton signs with the LA Chargers

This is a no-brainer…

The Chargers have had a top 10 roster in the NFL for the past 5 years and the most they have to show for it is one playoff win in Baltimore against a rookie QB. After an extremely disappointing 5 win campaign in 2019, the Chargers let franchise legend “Kill Phil” Rivers go this offseason, leaving a Cam Newton sized hole at QB on the Bolts depth chart.

The expectation…draft one of the non-Burrow QB’s with your shiny 6th pick in the draft!! Not so fast my friend, Cam Newton is the healthiest and hungriest he has been in his career and there is no better fit in the NFL for Cam than in LA. Why not sign Cam Newton to the most team friendly deal you can possibly get him on (coming off getting cut) and use the 6th pick in this years draft (and the rest of your draft assets) to build your already competitive roster around Cam Newton.

Born to be an Angelino

2. Jameis Winston signs with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Im sure that when Jameis Winston was a young QB coming up the ranks he dreamed of competing against Tom Brady in a much different way, but the NFL is a business. After a year in which Jameis led the league in interceptions, further proving that although he is a promising prospect, he can’t seem to get out of his own way. The team that once believed Jameis would lead them to the promised land split for 2 years of Tom Brady quicker than GM Jason Licht switches user profiles on Twitter. Although I understand the lust for Brady, the Bucs hung their 26 year old former #1 pick out to dry only one year into the Arians experiment.

What if I told you Jameis can still win this whole debacle he just needs to be in the right organization. Ben Roethlisberger turned 38 years old this month and hasn’t played a full organized football game in a year and a half and although they had a top 5 defense in the NFL, the 2019-20 Pittsburgh Steelers season evaporated into thin air due to dismal backup QB play.

Not only do the Pittsburgh Steelers have a long standing tradition as one of the most impressively run organizations in all of sports, they have a veteran 2 time Super Bowl winning QB who seemingly is just what the doctor ordered for Jamies Winston in terms of a role model. Similar build, play style and Ben has dealt with his fair share of off the field distractions when he was younger as well. Sign Jameis and groom him, by the time he is 27/28 he will be ready.

3. The New York Jets trade for Trent Williams

First of all, the Jets have botched this offseason and this is one of the only ways I see them recovering.

George Fant is a sieve and with the needs at OT popular in this years draft you don’t know who will be available at #11. Trade your 2 or a package deal for Trent Williams (top 3 OT in the NFL) and draft an electric WR with your #11 pick. Give Darnold a franchise LT and a legit weapon on the outside and let him work in the wide open AFC East.

4. Jacksonville signs DeVonta Freeman

Not too much to say here other than I like the fit. Freeman proved last year that his bell cow days are behind him and he is more of a change of pace back now. Jacksonville hasn’t had a good back to compliment Leo Fournette since he was drafted. Bring a veteran with playoff experience in who can manage 30% of the touches. Plus Freeman played his college ball in Tallahassee.

5. Brady and AB re-unite!

It’s in the prophecy folks! not only do I want this to happen, I believe it will. Brady is calling the shots in Tampa and it’s a matter of time before the Bucs bring the ABuser in for a workout. Put the cherry on top of your dynamic offense by adding Tony Toe Tap to the mix.