Janoris Jenkins screenshots PR rep’s text to mourn guy who died in his house


Pictured above is Janoris Jenkins’ tribute to a ‘friend’ named Trypps Beats who died in his house. I understand that a man has died, and that in itself is sad and tragic, however speaking in generalities I would think that a “true friend” would deserve more than an instagram post of a screenshot of a text that your PR guy sent you.

Roosevelt Rene, who was living in the house at the time with Janoris and Janoris’ troubled brother William Jenkins, was allegedly killed in a fight with William, who has been charged with manslaughter. Janoris was in Ft. Lauterdale, Florida when the incident occurred.

Janoris is no stranger to off-field issues going back to his time in college when he was kicked off the University of Florida Gator’s football team. Even though it seems that he had no real role in the incident, the Giants are likely wondering if he is someone they can still trust, as questions of who the people he surrounds himself with and his overall maturity still remain.

Janoris had a great first season with the Giants, but his play suffered along with the rest of the team in a disastrous 2017 season. He will have to perform well this year to warrant keeping under his current 5 year, $62.5 million contract.