I did not finish “Spin the Hog”, but here are my top 10 QBs in this years draft

Basic rankings with Grade.

Finley, Stick, and Lock are the only guys I wrote full pieces on. Refer to those for more meat.

1.Kyler Murray- If you listen to our podcast, this should not come as a surprise. Kyler Murray is the best option at QB this year and will be a franchise QB for Arizona.

Grade: 8.8/10

2.Will Grier-  This may come as a surprise to most, but I have been a fan of Grier for a while. This is a rank from the gut, as I believe Grier has true gamer-ability and poise. I see flashes of Rivers and Carr. Grier would fit very well on the Giants.

Grade: 7.8/10

3.Dwayne Haskins- Haskins has slowly grown on me throughout the draft process. Although I do not believe he has the potential to be an elite level QB, Haskins brings a rare combination of size, smarts, and touch that will be hard for a team in need of a new QB to pass up on.

Grade: 7.2/10

4.Ryan Finley- Out of any passer in this class, Finley is the one I believe would benefit the most from sitting out a few years. He has the tools to be a very solid NFL starter but needs to make tweaks to his game to truly elevate. I have a lot of long term faith in Finley and would love to see New England snag him in the 2nd round.

Grade: 6.8/10

5A.”Veer Camp” Tyree Jackson- I call this young man Veer Camp Tyree because he and I both attended Veer Camp in Montrose, Michigan during our days as stud high school slingers. Tyree Jackson has all the physical tools you can think of, but most definitely needs to work on the intricacies of his game. Standing at 6’7″, Jackson is a large and very athletic dude, but can use some more weight on his frame and more touch on his throw. The potential is undoubtable for Jackson, but accuracy concerns and inconsistency will keep him out of the first round. Maybe sitting behind and learning from a guy like Phil Rivers in L.A could be the best method for Jacksons success.

Grade: 6.2/10

5B.Jarrett Stidham- This is a guy who was being mocked fairly early before the college football season, but an underwhelming year at Auburn teamed with game management concerns sent Stidham to the dog-house for most scouts. He has done a great job of bouncing back and jumped off of the screen throwing routes on air. I know that does not mean much , but if Stidham can gain some confidence and improve his poise and command, he can be a major steal.

Grade: 6.2/10

7.Easton Stick- Stick is a winner, Stick is the winner, and if he is on the board in the 4th or 5th round and your team is in need of a solid backup who has high level gamer-ability, take Stick and don’t look back.

Grade: 6/10

8.Daniel Jones- Yes, I am a hater. Jones most impressive trait is his prototypical size, past that, Jones does little to impress me. The fact that his “plus” traits are size and being a “Cutcliffe guy” are simply not enough for me to be sold. Jones’ tape was boring in my humble opinion and I do not think he will be much better than a backup in the league.

Grade: 5.9/10

9.Drew Lock- This is the O.G hater move. Please read my article for full explanation. Lock can only throw a fastball, has 9 inch hands, has never led a comeback and did not win one big game in college. He would be off of my board if I were a GM.

Grade: 5.7/10

10.David Blough- Blough went under the radar at Purdue, sharing snaps with another QB, but I am going to shout him out at this 10 spot. Blough is undersized and does not have prototypical anything necessarily, but he is a hard worker and shows flashes of ability to make tight window throws. Blough will not be the next Drew Brees, but I like him as a possible sleeper prospect this year.

Grade: 5/10

Honorable Mention:Tyler Weigers, Brett Rypien, Marcus McMaryion.


Spin The Hog: Article 3- Easton Stick

Easton Stick 6’2″ 220

You don’t have to endlessly grind the tape to discover that Easton Stick does not have an “NFL arm” that will catch your attention from the jump. That being said, there are several qualities Stick possesses that make him a very intriguing NFL prospect.

The most impressive thing about Stick, and possibly any prospect in the draft is the fact that he boasted a 49-3 record as a starter in college. Coming from FCS powerhouse North Dakota State university, winning football games has been the norm for years, but nobody has done it to the level that Stick has. In terms of resume, I do not know if anybody in the history of collegiate athletics can match up with Stick.

As a freshman he backed up current Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, until Wentz went down with a wrist injury week 6. This is where the legend of Easton Stick began, he came in relief for Wentz and led the Bison to an unblemished 8-0 record, setting the stage for Wentz to walk off into NDSU lore after recovering from his injury and winning the FCS Championship, which was his final game. The next 3 years of his career were just as impressive, winning 2 more National Championships and breaking multiple NDSU records.

Easton is a pure athlete, he runs the ball just as effectively as he throws it and mechanically his game is quite sound. He moves his feet very well and seemingly takes coaching well due to his impressive fundamentals. He never jumped off the screen as a prototype or a “stud” so to speak as someone who will intimidate you with his size, strength, and outright ability like his predecessor Wentz. But that isn’t Sticks game, he will kill you all day on rollouts and is pretty comfortable throwing the ball on the run, and when you think you have him stopped through the air, he will recognize your defenses overcompensation and break off for a 50 yard touchdown run. He is not going to dot you up with accurate throws all game, but never showed to be wildly inaccurate or inconsistent with his ball. Most of his miscues through the air were due to lack of requisite zip or just a bad decision with the football.

Stick has a tendency to telegraph his throws and playing at the FCS level definitely worked to his advantage as the DB’s are not nearly as rangy, aggressive, or quick as they are in say, the SEC (Lock) or ACC (Finley). That being said, there are times where Stick shows an incredible ability to zip the ball into a tight window 25 yards down the middle of the field or throw a beautiful touch pass to the back of the end-zone.

Overall, I have my reservations about Stick when it comes to the competition he played against and his questionable arm-strength/decision making at times but if anyone on the planet is a proven winner, it’s Easton Stick. Every single time this guy’s name has been called he has answered the bell, most times surpassing all expectations and I love that quality, especially in a quarterback, like accuracy, it is something you can’t teach. I think Stick has a game that can translate to a sustainable NFL career, but I do not believe he will ever be the bonafide superstar quarterback 1st round teams are looking for. With a floor this high, I would like to see a team in need for a solid/developmental backup make a play on stick in the 2nd-3rd round.

GRADE: 6/10 (2-4 ROUND)


Spin The Hog: Article 2 – Drew Lock

I am excited to be back for another edition of Spin The Hog folks!

This edition will be featuring Drew Lock, QB from University of Missouri (1 of Adam Klepp’s 15 favorite CFB programs). I especially look forward to this breakdown because my counterparts, Klepp and Dolan, seem to be very fond of Lock, anointing him as a bona fide 1st round pick. Hopefully this deep dive will bring some clarity to the situation.

Drew Lock 6’3″ 225

I do not have very many good things to say about Drew Lock, so I will go through the positives I see in his game first.

It is no secret the Lock has a cannon for an arm, he throws a fireball and this gives him the ability to hit windows late and get away with it.  He excels throwing timing routes where it is a predetermined one, two, throw, especially slant routes to the middle of the field. Lock won’t necessarily ever throw receivers open, but on throws 5-10 yards to the middle of the field, he will put the ball on the targets chest plate almost every time. I would say short game to the middle of the field is Lock’s biggest string suit.

Another thing that popped off the screen to me was Lock’s veteran like composure in the pocket, he was a 3.5 year starter in the SEC and it definitely shows when the opponent brings heat at him. He is cool in the pocket, sometimes too cool, from time to time he will hang around longer than he should and eventually get himself into trouble and lose either the ball or several yards.

Image result for drew lock

You can tell since that since pee-wee football, Lock has been able to rely on his exceptional arm strength and it has led to some major mechanical problems that are not easy to fix, especially teamed with the transition to the NFL. He really does not use his legs when he throws the football, and it shows when he has plenty of time to throw an out route to the sideline, and half the time it ends up at the targets feet. If you take away the short game to the middle of the field, Lock is wildly inaccurate, and half the time he throws the ball to the sideline he fades away, nearly always resulting in a ball that comes up short. When I say mechanical problems, I seriously mean it, Lock is most comfortable side-arming passes and throwing with no help from his lower body, his arm has gotten him this far but this technique will not work in the NFL and I do not see him all of a sudden dropping his bad habits because he signed an NFL contract, this is never the case.

Lock is not Matthew Stafford, not even close. He passes up easy throws and makes the game harder for himself by trying to muscle the ball into tight windows which have a very low percent success rate. Lock clearly currently lacks the touch and consistency to be a starting NFL quarterback, his deep ball touch and accuracy is very underwhelming considering his natural arm talent.

Another knock on Lock is that he never really played in an important game in college, and this is mostly due to the fact that Mizzou could not close a game to save their lives the whole time he was there. Some of the blame should go on the staff and the rest of the team of course, but when the moment arrived and it was Lock’s time to grab the game by the balls, he shrank, resulting in a multitude of crushing second half losses. Watching film on him brought to my attention how many times Mizzou held a lead going into halftime or in the mid 3rd quarter and just let their opponent stick around until they were down a score with minutes left in the game, which almost always resulted in a loss. Some pundits out there want to compare this guy to Stafford, I doubt Lock ever even led an impressive 4th quarter comeback in his 3.5 years as a starter.

Outside of his cannon arm, ability to hit 90% of his timing routes (which any NFL QB should be able to do), and ability to stand tall with pressure in his face, Drew Lock does nothing for me. The fact that he has been mocked as high as 6 to the Giants is laughable to me and goes to show how QB crazy we all can get around draft season. I would not take Lock before the 3rd round, I believe due to his bad mechanics, below average deep ball accuracy and lack of consistency that he is one of the more limited highly regarded quarterbacks in this years draft.


GRADE: 5.7/10 (3-4 ROUND)


Spin The Hog: Article 1- Ryan Finley

Spin The Hog is a segment of this website that I, Leigh Murray, will be hosting. I will analyze Quarterbacks from the 2019 NFL Draft class, give my unedited, no-filter, and (somewhat) insightful opinions on them and rank them. Let’s get after it.

To kick off this segment I will analyze Ryan Finley from North Carolina State.

Ryan Finley 6’4″ 210

Finley will not take anyone’s head off with his throws and by no means is arm strength/ball velocity his strong suit, but with that being said, he throws an extremely catchable ball. When given enough time in the pocket, he has a very good ability to throw receivers open. This is my first evaluation, but I truly believe Finley throws the best back shoulder ball out of any QB in this draft class and he is clearly more comfortable and accurate throwing the ball to the sidelines as opposed to the middle of the field.

On that note, I would really like to see Finley become more comfortable throwing the ball to the middle of the field because his arsenal is somewhat limited, if you force him to throw between the hashes he will struggle. He has a tendency to get lazy with his feet as the game goes on, especially when he is excited about a possible big throw, his feet fall behind him and it very well could be why his ball does not have exceptional velocity. I would like to see him put his ass into more throws and really rip it, the ability to do this could make him an enticing 1st round prospect, but he never really does.

He has very good poise in terms of not getting too high or too low and he started enough games in college for that to not just be speculation, he has proven to show legitimate poise in important moments. Finley is really good on 3rd down, which I believe is one of the most underrated qualities in terms of the transition to the league. The trait that stood out most to me while evaluating Finley was his sneaky athleticism, he will never beat anyone with his feet but he is enough of a natural athlete to cause defensive coordinators fits by moving the chains with his legs on 3rd and short situations vs man coverage. He also had a few very impressive throws on the move (run/boot/play action). I believe he will run a sub 5 second 40 yard dash.

Image result for ryan finley
Finley throws a great back-shoulder ball

Nothing about Finley’s game necessarily jumps off the screen which worries me a bit about how he will transition. The biggest knock on 15 would be that he does very little pre-snap evaluating and telegraphs a lot of throws. He has trouble working through his progressions and has a tendency to panic when his first read isn’t there, but that isn’t necessarily an anomaly for a college quarterback. There were a few plays where an obvious blitz is happening and Finley is out to lunch, those plays always end in him crumbling to the ground in Eli Manning fashion. This is concerning to see considering on the next level the schemes being thrown at him will be more difficult to read.

To wrap it up, I would love to see Finley put 10-15 pounds on his frame and get drafted to a team that had the luxury of grooming him for even a few years. He has good potential and with the correct coaching can be a starting quarterback in the NFL. He is certainly not a guy you want to draft early and throw to the wolves in his first season.

GRADE: 6.8/10 (2nd Round)






The season has finally come, here is my 2018 forecast. All of these takes are my opinions.




1.Los Angeles Chargers

The only thing stopping the Chargers is themselves. They have the best pass rush in football and a poised, savvy veteran QB who is hungry as ever for a ring and knows he has the assets to take his shot this year. Anthony Lynn’s second year at the helm in LA must come with wisdom, maturity and better ball security.

Wins: 12

2. Denver Broncos

The Broncos consistently have one of the best defensive units in the NFL. The drafting of Bradley Chubb will supply some more freak pass rush ability to their already dangerous defense. Case Keenum is better than any signal caller this team has had since the last year Peyton Manning was a capable NFL QB. If Royce Freeman can make steady contributions in the run game and Keenum can game-manage the same way he did under Shurmur last year, this defense can do the rest. I like Denver.

Wins: 9

3. (it feels wrong) Raiders

My heart says Gruden and Carr can gel to the point where Oakland can somewhat control their own destiny in the AFC, but my brain says this team could be an absolute wreck this year. So that leaves me stuck in the middle. I guess i’ll go with Carr and Amari can make it work and the Raiders can Gruden Grind their way to 8 wins this year.

Wins: 8

4. Kansas City Chiefs

Andy Reid is a proven high end NFL coach and Pat Mahomes’ arm can make for a super explosive Chiefs offense, but I am not on board. Mahomes is known for his powerful arm and ability to deliver the ball down the field. The transition from gunslinging at a high level in the Big 12 compared to the AFC West will show in year one on the turnover sheet. I am gonna go out on an island here and sell on KC in this division.

Wins: 7


1.Jacksonville Jaguars

This is the hardest division to predict in football. The Colts have the best quarterback and the worst team and the Jags have the worst quarterback and the best team. I have the Jags slated at 1 because I believe they are the safest bet, in other words, they have the highest floor. The Jags have arguably the best defensive unit in football, combined with a highly productive, bell-cow running back in Leonard Fournette. Bortles is not anywhere near elite but has shown he can play well enough for this team to sniff a Super Bowl birth.

Wins: 10

2. Houston Texans

The Texans are an interesting team for many reasons. They have absolute superstar talent on their offense and their defense, but injuries and mediocre management have muted this teams ability to reach their full potential. In a hopeful reality where the Texans do stay healthy, they are a playoff lock in the AFC. I really like the addition of veteran safety Tyrann Matheiu, he will bring his skillset to a much needed Texans secondary. J.J Watt, Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus are a nightmare to scheme around, Deshaun Watson is a superstar, his O-line is bottom 10 in the league and he will have to evade pressure all season. The good thing is that he has proven to be one of the best quarterbacks at evading defensive pressure and he has 2 great receivers to throw to (Fuller/Hopkins). Health is wealth in Houston.

Wins: 9

3. Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck can carry this team to a playoff birth, this division is too good top to bottom for me to buy in this year. The Colts offense should be nothing short of solid, Luck will spread the ball around but Indy lacks the weapons the really take the top off of teams. Frank Reich is a 1st year HC will have to implement an offense that is consistent and methodical, I am interested to see where the majority of carries go as the season goes on. Their season comes down to how many wins can Luck will them to?

Wins: 8

4. Tennessee Titans

I like the hiring of Mike Vrabel and I do not have many bad things to say about the Titans, they just don’t really stand out to me. Marcus Mariota has been mostly average in his NFL career and I believe this team will always go as he goes. Vrabel brings a defensive focus with his regime and I can see this group over performing defensively, but I think the Titans lack the ability to pass the ball down the field when it matters and count on Mariota’s arm, and it ultimately limits them.

Wins: 7


1.Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco must channel some 2011/12 energy this year because this division is up for the taking and the Ravens have the best chance of taking it. Alex Collins has proven to be a powerful and effective runner and the offseason additions of the crop of veteran receivers in Snead IV, Crabtree, and John Brown are all moves in the right direction. The defense has high level talent and great rotational depth. The window is closing for Flacco and co. and the excuses are gone, it’s time to produce.

Wins: 11

2. Cincinnati Bengals

The combination of my pessimistic view of the Steelers and my belief in A.J Green and Joe Mixon has lead to my cementing of the Bengals at 2 in this division. On offense, Andy Dalton needs to prove he has enough juice to utilize his weapons effectively. The O-line is suspect but improved and the Mixon/Green RB/WR combo is amongst the best in the league. On defense, the Bengals have holes but did a very good job of patching up in the draft. Jesse Bates III, Sam Hubbard and Malik Jefferson are all dudes who will see action early and I believe Marvin Lewis is coming into this season with a new staff and a different mindset.

Wins: 9

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers suspect defense and loss of Leveon Bell will result in a drop in success in 2018. Ben Roethlisberger is a bit overrated at this point and this team did not do much in the draft to fix the issues at hand. Juju has been discovered and the division is catching up to the Steelers. I will reference my full schpeil of the AFC North Preview Pod.

Wins: 7

4. Cleveland Browns

Coaching is the main reason I have this little faith in the Browns. This team has improved through the additions of Jarvis Landry, Tyrod Taylor and Damarious Randall but I don’t believe in the Browns as a cohesive unit in 2018. Winning is something the Browns are not familiar with and it may take a few years. Myles Garett should be a game wrecker on defense and the offense should show massive improvement.

Wins: 5


1.New England Patriots

Do I need to go through the rigamaroo? the Edleman suspension may hurt this team early because they do not have many options are receiver. That being said, the lack of competition in this division mixed with the sustained success of Bill and Tom leads to wins.

Wins: 12

2. New York Jets

The messiah has arrived. Samuel Darnold ladies and gentlemen, get to know him. There is a buzz in the Big Apple and the Jets may be on to something. I love Jamal Adams at safety and believe Darnold has elite potential. Todd Bowles is a phenomenal coach and will have this team prepared defensively every game. The Jets will play disciplined football and will be fun to watch in the years to come.

Wins: 8

3. Miami Dolphins

With Ryan Tannehill returning from injury, the Dolphins have high hopes for this season, but they may crash early. Adam Gase has been unable to get the ball steadily rolling during his tenure in Miami and the pressure is on this year. I don’t see Kenyan Drake filling the role they think he can and Devante Parker has been a disappointment. Defensively, the fins have exciting pieces but nothing about this group screams better than average. Tannehill is average, Gase is average, their receivers have been average and the culture in Miami needs to change. Will Grier anyone?

Wins: 5

4. Buffalo Bills

Nathan Peterman is the starting QB for this team week 1. Even if 2nd year coach Sean McDermott gets all his ducks in a row on defense, they still will not be able to score points. The Bills have playoff infrastructure on defense, but they have nobody to throw the ball to on offense and nobody to throw the ball. That will prove to be a huge issue in Buffalo.

Wins: 3










LAC 29 NE 28


1.San Fransisco 49ers

Bringing Richard Sherman in the offseason established a culture in the bay that will be pivotal to this teams success in 2018. With a proven capable starter at quarterback, Kyle Shanahan will be able to go into attack mode in year 2. The sudden loss of Jerrick McKinnon will be a blow for this team but Matt Bredia proved he could be a reliable ball-carrier in his rookie campaign. All around, this team is poised to compete with anyone in 2018 and I would be surprised if they don’t win at least 8 games.

Wins: 10

2. Seattle Seahawks

The L.O.B era is over, only few leftovers remain of what was once a dynasty of the ages. All things considered, you still have Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson, and the 12th man lives on. This Seahawks team will be a rag-tag group in 2018 that will execute the fundamentals defensively to compete. After losing a lot of their core players in the secondary, Seattle did their best to fill holes in the draft and free agency. Rashaad Penny and Chris Carson can elevate this team with a punishing ground game this year, but Wilson will carry this team with his legs and head, which are not bad assets to rely on.

Wins: 9

3. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams may be the most publicized team coming into the 2018 season and rightfully so, Sean McVay turned the NFL world on it’s head last year essentially turning a cellar team into an NFL juggernaut, beating some of the leagues best competition. But last year was last year, and Jared Goff, The Boy King, is still your quarterback. The offseason acquisitions of 30+ year olds Ndomukongh Suh and Aquib Talib and superstar hissy-fit-man Marcus Peters may prove to be major stabilizers for this team and result in wins. They also may prove to not really end up meshing well and with the 1st place schedule LA is set to play, trouble may find its way to paradise. I am not sold on the Rams this year.

Wins: 8

4. Arizona Cardinals

This team has pieces here and there to compete, but lacks the true balance to win more than 6 games. Sam Bradford will start the season as the quarterback but I have a feeling we will see Rosen before Thanksgiving and simply put, this O-line is lacking the necessary skill and depth to block for either immobile and fragile quarterback they have. David Johnson may be one of the best football players the NFL has to offer but the overall dysfunction in Arizona is too prevalent for me to take them seriously in this division. 1st year HC Steve Wilkes and his crew are fit to fix the problems for the Cardinals but the results won’t come this year.

Wins: 5


  1. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta is a team that is competitive on every level offensively and defensively. Dan Quinn is one of the better coaches in the league but there is pressure on Steve Sarkisian to become a more comfortable play caller and offensive co-ordinator in his 2nd year on the job. Matt Ryan will deliver but never to the extent he did in 2016, the good thing is he does not necessarily have to. Atlanta has shown much more stability defensively and made solid picks in the draft to shore up their defense and their tandem of running backs (Freeman/Coleman) have been able to carry a lot of the load the past few seasons. Look for sustained success in ATL.

Wins: 12

2. New Orleans Saints

The Saints should have had their shot at the Lombardi trophy last season, but it was stripped of them by one mistake. We all know how good Drew Brees is and how high octane this offense can be when it is clicking. Frankly, the Saints defense over performed last year and relied heavily on then rookie CB Marshon Lattimore to lock down elite wideouts regularly, which he did. In 2018, I would not be surprised to find a slight dip in production from the Saints. Mark Ingram is suspended for the first 4 weeks of the season and I believe their defense may take a dip in stability and cohesiveness this year.

Wins: 9

3. Carolina Panthers

Putting the Panthers in 4th crossed my mind, I did it in my first on air preview, and although Cam Newton may be wildly inaccurate and unreliable on a week to week basis, they have been successful in the past and they have Luke Kuelchy. Kuelchy is the heart of the Panthers defense, without him on the field they are significantly less competitive. D.J Moore will have to step into a WR1 role as a rookie because Devin Funchess has not really proven he be anything other than a somewhat reliable red zone target and a decent WR2. The O-line is not in good shape and I still do not believe in Christian McCafferrey as a full time, 20 to 28 positive touches a game guy. Sneaky hot seat warning for Ron Rivera if things go south in Charlotte.

Wins: 7

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With Jameis Winston suspended, the Bucs will have to find a way to compete in a tough first 3 games. From what I can tell, Dirk Koetter is not a very good coach, Jason Licht should be managing a Bed Bath and Beyond in Omaha, and their Mr.Franchise, Jameis Winston, acts like a hardly parented 6th grade boy on a regular basis. Mike Evans is a freak and the O-line is somewhere below average. The D-line could actually wreak some havoc and make games exciting with the additions of Jason Pierre Paul and Vinny Curry. The Bucs could stick in some games, and I am really hoping Jameis cleans up his act and starts playing to his potential as a QB. This season seems quite hopeless.

Wins: 6


1. Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins has come to bring rings to the Vikings. Minnesota has an all around great football team with solid groups at every level and a very reliable coach in Mike Zimmer. Stefon Diggs and Adam Theilen very well may be the best wideout duo in the NFL and Dalvin Cook is going to be a nightmare to stop on the ground. The Vikings will continue to assert themselves as one of the best teams on the league with an elite defense.

Wins: 12

2. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is back, and he got paid, the Packers have got 3 young boul cornerbacks in the reigns, and they are playing a 3rd place schedule due to last years disappointing record. I am hoping to see Jamaal Williams run away with the starting RB job in Green Bay and believe he will have his shot to. Rodgers just wins down the stretch and will be absolutely shocked if this team does not make the playoffs.

Wins: 10

3. Detroit Lions

Although it won’t be sexy, Lions fans will have to come to terms with 7 wins this season. It is a transition year and you are in the best division in football. The defense really does not match up well with anyone with the holes they have on their defensive line and the inconsistent linebacker play. The offense is locked and loaded with Stafford, a re-tooled O-line, and the trio of wideouts they have, but I do not trust this team to consistently be better than their opponents.

Wins: 7

4. Chicago Bears

The Bears proved to be going all in when GM Ryan Pace traded 2 1st round picks for superstar EDGE Khalil Mack. There is a lot of buzz in the Windy City about the Bears and rightfully so, they brought in a young, exciting, offensive head coach and made several splash moves in the draft and free agency. The Bears are going all in and I like the move I just don’t think Mitch Trubisky is ready to lead this group to a winning season. Bears will play everyone tough but that won’t result in a playoff birth.

Wins: 7


1.New York Giants

I am going all in on the Giants after they crushed my preseason predictions last year. Saquon Barkley will step in and immediately be one of the best players in the NFL with the ball in his hands and Odell Beckham Jr. will prove why the Giants are paying him the $95 million deal. All the chips are in for Eli Manning and he holds the key to the Giants success. They addressed the O-line, they upgraded their defense, and the team will be ready to compete with a high powered offense this year. Will Eli?….Just throw it at Saqouns hands, not feet.

Wins: 11

2. Philadelphia Eagles

With reports that Carson Wentz may be out up to 5 weeks this year, my opinions on the Eagles are drifting slowly downhill. They have talent on every level as they proved last year, but things change year to year. If Nick Foles is unable to win games early in the year, there could be a decline in production in Philly. With a new look offensive coaching staff, and limited options at wideout Philly could endure a super bowl hangover in 2018. Just in time for Carson Wentz to come back and save the season.

Wins: 9

3. Washington Redskins

Alex Smith always starts out the season playing at a very high level and it will be interesting to see how the passing game is distributed in D.C this season under possible hot seat candidate Jay Gruden. Sad news that Derrius Guice went down with and ACL, the Skins have a stable of backs now with the addition of A.P. Washington has a solid defense that I can see playing to a very high level due to its cornerstones in the form of D.J Swearinger, Josh Norman, and Ryan Kerrigan not to mention the high potential D Tackles they have in D’Aron Payne and Jonathan Allen. Although, I have a feeling that once it gets cold and games start to matter, things will get frustrating in D.C.

Wins: 8

4. Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott exposed his accuracy issues last season and they will not magically disappear in 2018. It does not help that his 2 most reliable pass catchers are no longer on the team and the “Captain America” O-Line in Dallas has kinks and bruises that are lingering far too long for Jerry’s liking. Jeff Heath will be playing safety for the Cowboys and Geoff Swaim will be playing Tight End. Their corners may be skilled but are still young and this team does not have the all around capability to overwhelm opponents like it did 2 years ago. Jason Garrett will not be on the Cowboys sideline after this season and Dak just may have to find a new home too.

Wins: 6




4.49ERS v. 5.PACKERS






GB 31 ATL 24











COACH-1.Anthony Lynn (LAC) 2.Dan Quinn (ATL) 3.Kyle Shanahan (SF)

MVP-1.Aaron Rodgers (GB) 2.Phillip Rivers (LAC) 3. Kirk Cousins (MIN)

OPOY (no QB)-1.Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG) 2.Joe Mixon (CIN) 3.Dalvin Cook (MIN)

DPOY-1.Myles Garrett (CLE) 2.Tyrann Matheiu (HOU) 3.Von Miller (DEN)

OROY-1.SaQuon Barkley (NYG) 2.Sam Darnold (NYJ) 3. Quentin Nelson (IND)

DROY-1.Jaire Alexander (GB) 2.Bradley Chubb (DEN) 3.Lorenzo Carter (NYG)