The Chiefs are a Blue Chip Stock

Apple, Amazon, Disney, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

With Patrick Mahomes’s new ten year extension on top of the two years left on his rookie deal, the Chiefs just guaranteed 12 more years of winning football in Kansas City. While us here at The Back Judge try and provide you with the angle that the usual media members don’t see, there’s not another angle here. Andy Reid is an elite coach, and Patrick Mahomes is the league’s best quarterback. End of discussion.

If you ever thought to yourself “man I should have just bet the Patriots to win the AFC East every year they had Tom Brady”, here’s your phone a friend. While the Chiefs will never yield high returns, any bet placed on them while Mahomes is their QB is a safe one.

Per FoxBet, the Chiefs win total for 2020 is at 11.5. The Chiefs won 12 games last year, even with Mahomes missing 2 games. With the over comes a -120 kicker, with the final math being a bet of $100 gets you a net return of $83. While getting bigger returns will require betting a higher volume, sometimes it’s worth it to put money into a thoroughbred.

Kansas City Chiefs: Darwin Thompson fantasy football league ...
Say Less.

The Raiders, Chargers, and Broncos all have potential to be frisky next year, but none of their rosters can compete with the talent and pedigree the Chiefs have. The AFC West is the Chiefs’ to lose.

I know I used my last post to encourage betting on the 2-14 Bengals to win 6 games in 2020, and I still stand by that. But for every $1 you invest in blockchain, you should invest $5 more in Amazon, ain’t that right Murray brothers?

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