Spin The Hog: Article 2 – Drew Lock

I am excited to be back for another edition of Spin The Hog folks!

This edition will be featuring Drew Lock, QB from University of Missouri (1 of Adam Klepp’s 15 favorite CFB programs). I especially look forward to this breakdown because my counterparts, Klepp and Dolan, seem to be very fond of Lock, anointing him as a bona fide 1st round pick. Hopefully this deep dive will bring some clarity to the situation.

Drew Lock 6’3″ 225

I do not have very many good things to say about Drew Lock, so I will go through the positives I see in his game first.

It is no secret the Lock has a cannon for an arm, he throws a fireball and this gives him the ability to hit windows late and get away with it.  He excels throwing timing routes where it is a predetermined one, two, throw, especially slant routes to the middle of the field. Lock won’t necessarily ever throw receivers open, but on throws 5-10 yards to the middle of the field, he will put the ball on the targets chest plate almost every time. I would say short game to the middle of the field is Lock’s biggest string suit.

Another thing that popped off the screen to me was Lock’s veteran like composure in the pocket, he was a 3.5 year starter in the SEC and it definitely shows when the opponent brings heat at him. He is cool in the pocket, sometimes too cool, from time to time he will hang around longer than he should and eventually get himself into trouble and lose either the ball or several yards.

Image result for drew lock

You can tell since that since pee-wee football, Lock has been able to rely on his exceptional arm strength and it has led to some major mechanical problems that are not easy to fix, especially teamed with the transition to the NFL. He really does not use his legs when he throws the football, and it shows when he has plenty of time to throw an out route to the sideline, and half the time it ends up at the targets feet. If you take away the short game to the middle of the field, Lock is wildly inaccurate, and half the time he throws the ball to the sideline he fades away, nearly always resulting in a ball that comes up short. When I say mechanical problems, I seriously mean it, Lock is most comfortable side-arming passes and throwing with no help from his lower body, his arm has gotten him this far but this technique will not work in the NFL and I do not see him all of a sudden dropping his bad habits because he signed an NFL contract, this is never the case.

Lock is not Matthew Stafford, not even close. He passes up easy throws and makes the game harder for himself by trying to muscle the ball into tight windows which have a very low percent success rate. Lock clearly currently lacks the touch and consistency to be a starting NFL quarterback, his deep ball touch and accuracy is very underwhelming considering his natural arm talent.

Another knock on Lock is that he never really played in an important game in college, and this is mostly due to the fact that Mizzou could not close a game to save their lives the whole time he was there. Some of the blame should go on the staff and the rest of the team of course, but when the moment arrived and it was Lock’s time to grab the game by the balls, he shrank, resulting in a multitude of crushing second half losses. Watching film on him brought to my attention how many times Mizzou held a lead going into halftime or in the mid 3rd quarter and just let their opponent stick around until they were down a score with minutes left in the game, which almost always resulted in a loss. Some pundits out there want to compare this guy to Stafford, I doubt Lock ever even led an impressive 4th quarter comeback in his 3.5 years as a starter.

Outside of his cannon arm, ability to hit 90% of his timing routes (which any NFL QB should be able to do), and ability to stand tall with pressure in his face, Drew Lock does nothing for me. The fact that he has been mocked as high as 6 to the Giants is laughable to me and goes to show how QB crazy we all can get around draft season. I would not take Lock before the 3rd round, I believe due to his bad mechanics, below average deep ball accuracy and lack of consistency that he is one of the more limited highly regarded quarterbacks in this years draft.


GRADE: 5.7/10 (3-4 ROUND)


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