Broncos Trade for Joe Flacco

It was downhill in Baltimore for Joe Flacco since Super Bowl XLVII. He signed a blockbuster deal, then only proceeded to make the playoffs once back in 2014.

Flacco has only thrown for more than 4,000 yards once in his career, 2016, when the Ravens went 8-8. He’s injury prone as well.

The Ravens now will fully commit to Lamar Jackson as their starting Quarterback. He played okay last year but ultimately the offense was still limited with him under center. It’s unclear whether this is because Jackson is limited as a player or if Baltimore had the training wheels on him. Either way, a big step will be expected and needed in year 2.

The details of the trade will not be released until the new league year begins, but if the Broncos gave up anything higher than a 2019 5th round pick I’d be floored. I would also imagine this means Case Keenum is on the way out. I really don’t believe there’s much of a difference between Keenum and Flacco skill-wise.

This does not by any means take the Broncos out of the QB race in the 2019 Draft. Lock to Denver has been a popular connection, and Flacco coming to town does not change anything for me.

According to Spotrac, the Ravens will take on a $16M dead cap hit to trade Joe Flacco. Flacco carries cap hits of $18.5M, $20.25M, & $24.25M through 2021, but none of the money is guaranteed. There is an opt-out in Flacco’s contract in 2020, I’d fully expect the Broncos to take it. The Baltimore Ravens will $10.5M of cap space in 2019 because of the move.

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