Spin The Hog: Article 1- Ryan Finley

Spin The Hog is a segment of this website that I, Leigh Murray, will be hosting. I will analyze Quarterbacks from the 2019 NFL Draft class, give my unedited, no-filter, and (somewhat) insightful opinions on them and rank them. Let’s get after it.

To kick off this segment I will analyze Ryan Finley from North Carolina State.

Ryan Finley 6’4″ 210

Finley will not take anyone’s head off with his throws and by no means is arm strength/ball velocity his strong suit, but with that being said, he throws an extremely catchable ball. When given enough time in the pocket, he has a very good ability to throw receivers open. This is my first evaluation, but I truly believe Finley throws the best back shoulder ball out of any QB in this draft class and he is clearly more comfortable and accurate throwing the ball to the sidelines as opposed to the middle of the field.

On that note, I would really like to see Finley become more comfortable throwing the ball to the middle of the field because his arsenal is somewhat limited, if you force him to throw between the hashes he will struggle. He has a tendency to get lazy with his feet as the game goes on, especially when he is excited about a possible big throw, his feet fall behind him and it very well could be why his ball does not have exceptional velocity. I would like to see him put his ass into more throws and really rip it, the ability to do this could make him an enticing 1st round prospect, but he never really does.

He has very good poise in terms of not getting too high or too low and he started enough games in college for that to not just be speculation, he has proven to show legitimate poise in important moments. Finley is really good on 3rd down, which I believe is one of the most underrated qualities in terms of the transition to the league. The trait that stood out most to me while evaluating Finley was his sneaky athleticism, he will never beat anyone with his feet but he is enough of a natural athlete to cause defensive coordinators fits by moving the chains with his legs on 3rd and short situations vs man coverage. He also had a few very impressive throws on the move (run/boot/play action). I believe he will run a sub 5 second 40 yard dash.

Image result for ryan finley
Finley throws a great back-shoulder ball

Nothing about Finley’s game necessarily jumps off the screen which worries me a bit about how he will transition. The biggest knock on 15 would be that he does very little pre-snap evaluating and telegraphs a lot of throws. He has trouble working through his progressions and has a tendency to panic when his first read isn’t there, but that isn’t necessarily an anomaly for a college quarterback. There were a few plays where an obvious blitz is happening and Finley is out to lunch, those plays always end in him crumbling to the ground in Eli Manning fashion. This is concerning to see considering on the next level the schemes being thrown at him will be more difficult to read.

To wrap it up, I would love to see Finley put 10-15 pounds on his frame and get drafted to a team that had the luxury of grooming him for even a few years. He has good potential and with the correct coaching can be a starting quarterback in the NFL. He is certainly not a guy you want to draft early and throw to the wolves in his first season.

GRADE: 6.8/10 (2nd Round)





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