Cleveland Browns Sign Woman Kicker Kareem Hunt

In November, TMZ released security footage of Kareem Hunt kicking a woman in a Cleveland hotel in the 2018 off-season. The Chiefs promptly released him, and Hunt spent the rest of the NFL season at home on the couch.

There was an immediate ESPN sit-down interview, which Hunt and his management team clearly were ill-prepared for. He wavered on whether he had or hadn’t started counseling, and just generally didn’t come off as remorseful.

Image result for kareem hunt kicks woman
Kareem Hunt kicking a woman

Now Hunt has signed with the Browns, and the Kansas City connection remains with now Browns GM John Dorsey being the one who drafted Hunt in 2017. Hunt is still on the commissioner’s exempt list and faces at minimum a 6-game suspension from the NFL, but I’d like to see him get upwards of 8-10.

Hunt is a supremely talented player and paired with rookie standout Nick Chubb the Browns now have the best backfield duo on paper in the NFL. Freddie Kitchens got pretty creative with his running back formations last year when he became the OC, and now he has an extra car in the garage to play around with.

Hunt signing with the Browns only hurts the ever-growing rap-sheet of NFL teams not caring about their players hitting women. Only Hunt knows whether he’s remorseful or not. Even if he is remorseful, it’s debatable if he deserves a second chance.

Ultimately, I think it’s possible to win Super Bowls in the NFL without signing or keeping players who physically hurt women.

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