Draft Season Episode 6

With the Super Bowl in the rear-view, it’s officially Draft Season. Today I look at a QB and an Edge player who are vying for top picks in this years draft.

Drew Lock, QB, Mizzou

6’3″, 235

Games Watched:  Florida (2018), Georgia (2018), Auburn (2017), Oklahoma State (2018)

Drew Lock has 4 years of starting experience in the SEC, something that should not be overlooked. Yes, the expectations did not quite meet reality, but he presided over a Mizzou team transitioning out of the Pinkel era. There were speed bumps, but when it’s all said and done Lock improved as a player and made his team better in his 4 years in the black and gold.

Lock has ridiculous arm talent. He has made every single throw on tape. His release is also fast and he can throw off-platform and at odd body/arm angles. When the lower half is meshing with the upper half Lock is clearly NFL starter material.

Where things go wrong for Lock are his mechanics. His arm-talent has allowed him to get away with things in college that he will not be able to get away with in the NFL. Too often he is drifting back and falling away during/after the throw when there is no one around him. It’s bizarre because I wouldn’t describe Lock as a guy who is timid in the pocket. It seems to just be a habit that needs to be broken.

Lock is also really good at maneuvering in the pocket, and he uses his big frame well. Lock rarely gets sacked, and his overall mobility is impressive. Mizzou utilized the read option with Lock with some moderate success. It’s good to know that Lock won’t have to completely rely on his arm early in his career to find some success.

I’m probably higher on Lock than most and I would spend a top-15 pick on him based on positional value. Others may disagree and I won’t fight them too much on it.

Comp: Raw Matthew Stafford

Round Projection: 1st

TVN: 75/100

Brian Burns, EDGE, Florida State

6’4″, 230

Games Watched: Alabama (2017), Clemson (2017), Boston College (2018)

Brain Burns, like Drew Lock, has multiple years of starting experience with high level football in the ACC. He had elite production, and increased his sack total on a yearly basis.

The knock on Burns is his size. What is posted online is anywhere in the 230s, but I’ll be closely looking at what he weighs in at in Indianapolis. The simple thing with Burns is that he is too light. He easily get’s blocked by tight ends in the run game, and can get frequently stonewalled in pass-rush. Speed-to-power is literally not a thing with him.

With that being said, his athletic traits are elite. He has ideal bend and a decent first step. I definitely see what people are excited about with Burns, but frankly I would not use a first round pick on him even though it is likely he will go top 15.

Comp: No Comp, never seen a pass rusher at 230 before.

Round Projection: Top 15 Pick

TVN: 75/100

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