Draft Season Ep. 4-Will the Lions get Greedy?

Wins pool member and loyal Lions fan Young Dolph Stoph requested I feature Greedy Williams in my series. Here it is.

Andraez “Greedy” Williams, CB, LSU

6’1″, 180

Games Watched: Georgia (2018), Texas A&M (2018), Miami (2018), Alabama (2017)

Greedy Williams is an absolute eraser. His ideal size and length don’t inhibit his athletic ability, and he has the speed and agility that NFL talent evaluators are looking for in a first round corner.

His most impressive tape to me was the Georgia 2018 game. He was matched up on Riley Ridley, one of the best receivers in the SEC, and absolutely eliminated him from the game. Williams is super impressive in press-man, and I believe this is how the team who drafts him should begin to use him. Williams also totaled an impressive 8 interceptions in his time at LSU, and he also gets a lot of pass break-ups.

The downside about Greedy is that he has literally zero desire to do anything in run support and is ridiculously ineffective defending screen passes. See 1:55 in the Texas A&M 2018 tape to see for yourself what I am talking about. It’s frustrating because as a bigger corner, he should have no issue getting off of blocks and at least getting a hit on a guy.

Williams tries to go around blockers rather than through them, and this allows the ball carrier to easily just go the other way. Most of all he is just a pile watcher, and doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. This seems to be a trait that is inherent in his make-up, and I’m not sure if it’s something that can be fixed at the next level. If a player is soft in college, they’re not going to get suddenly interested in banging some heads once they go against grown men in the league.

As the NFL is a passing league, maybe I put too much stock in a corner’s lack of desire to take on blockers and tackle. I just like my football players to be football players, and your grade will suffer if it’s clear and apparent you don’t love the violent part of this game.

Greedy Williams will come into this league and immediately be able to shut down a #2 receiver in man coverage, and has potential to be a shadow-the-offense’s-best-man type of player.

For the Lions at 8, while I understand the need, I would shy away from Greedy. The secondary with Slay, Diggs, and rising safety Tracy Walker has pieces, and I’d rather get a stud for the front 7, and address corner on day two or in free agency.

COMP: Xavien Howard

Round Projection: Mid-1st

TVN: 73/100

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