Now It’s a Game, the NFL Hypocrisy Reigns Supreme

The NFL continuously fails to get the little things right, and that’s a big deal.

Over the past few seasons, the NFL has found itself on the wrong end of many PR issues. Issues, by the way, that are largely due to the incompetence and lack of accountability coming from Park Avenue.

One of the main infractions for me personally is when Roger Goodell said at a Super Bowl press conference that player safety is the #1 priority. Only one month later at the Owners meetings, Jerry Jones, the most powerful Owner in the NFL, declared that it was “absurd” to think that CTE and Football were related. It’s a classic example of the league saying one thing, and doing another, and it’s pervasive throughout the league.

The latest infraction came while I was watching the Week 9 games yesterday. For the new Thursday Night Football production on Fox, they have been rolling out a weekly promotional commercial called “Now It’s a Game”, highlighting the big-time match-ups us fans haven’t seen on Thursday nights before. This week’s game is Panthers vs. Steelers. For this weeks commercial, we see two kids sitting on a bus, and one of them is talking about Antonio Brown. Then it cuts to a montage of Brown, in which one of the clips is him twerking after a TD.

Watch the Ad here.

Antonio Brown was fined $24,309 for that celebration and given a 15-yard penalty on the field because it was ‘sexually suggestive’. And I agree with the fine, and the reasoning. What I find absolutely ridiculous is the NFL now using that clip to promote itself and its product.

I understand that it may be FOX or Amazon making these ads and not the league office, but to think that the NFL has no say in how it promotes itself is, in the words of Jerry Jones, absurd. I would find it unlikely that these ads were not at least screened by someone in New York, and if they weren’t, it shows the problems run much deeper than this.

If I were Antonio Brown I would sue the crap out of the NFL. How on Earth is it OK to fine somebody, then use that action you fined to promote, and make money, off of your products.

This is just yet another bump in the road for the league, and it’s this kind of stuff that makes me concerned that the new CBA to be signed in 2020 may lead to many games being missed. Despite having the best product in sports, the NFL continues to have the worst management. It needs to get better.

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