It’s time to talk to your kids about Kenny ‘#EndZoneClout’ Golladay being the best receiver on the Lions

In his rookie campaign, Lions fans saw what Kenny Golladay could be. From his two-touchdown first preseason game, then to his two-touchdown NFL debut, the third round pick looked like the real deal.

Then a hamstring injury which sidelined him for 5 games and drops made him a non-factor the rest of the season. He flashed once more in a week 17 game against the Packers (what if I told you that Sunday wasn’t the first time Kenny G son’d Ha Ha with a stiff arm?), leaving Lions fans optimistic about his 2018.

Through 5 weeks, Golladay has 428 yards and 3 touchdowns. He’s well on pace for 1,300 yards, and feels wild is that he could be getting targeted way more.

Golladay is on pace for 84 targets, which seems criminally low due to the fact that Marvin Jones is on pace for 117. Golden Tate is on track for an insane 133, but that makes more sense since he is the primary receiver in the Lions screen and short passing game.

Kenny Golladay is a much better receiver than Marvin Jones. Plain and simple. Where I think he especially excels is after the catch. Where Golladay is extremely physical, Jones almost never breaks a tackle or makes the first man miss. I don’t think Jones is a bad receiver, I find him to be a very solid #2 with upside despite a somewhat rocky start to this season. With that being said, him on pace to get 33 more targets than Golladay needs to change.

Hopefully Cooter goes into the bye-week and course corrects for the rest of the season. Golladay is a special player, and the offense needs to reflect that.

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