Armchair GM: 3 Teams That Should Trade for Le’Veon Bell Right Now


Le’Veon Bell is considered by some to be the best running back in the NFL. We are now entering the second week of his holdout and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight, at least for the time being. If and when Bell does return, this surely will be his last year in Pittsburg. With James Connor being more than serviceable in his week 1 debut, it’s time for Pittsburgh to get Bell’s maximum value. Now that we all exist in a post-Khalil Mack trade world, lets indulge the “unthinkable”.

The Green Bay Packers: The Packers haven’t been to a Super Bowl since winning it in 2011, despite having the best player in the NFL. Most of this lack of success can be attributed to their average defense and lack of support around Aaron Rodgers, it’s time that changes. Rodgers’ backfield has consisted of Ryan Grant, James Starks, Eddie Lacy, and now Ty Montgomery, Aaron Jones, and Jamal Williams. It’s time this front office gives Rodgers a lethal weapon in both the running and passing game.

Packers: Le’Veon Bell RB

Steelers: 2019 1st Round Pick (New Orleans), 2019 3rd Round Pick, 2020 5th Round Pick

The Houston Texans: Starting running back Lamar Miller is no slouch, but he doesn’t hold a candle to Le’Veon Bell. Nothing would help out Deshaun Watson more than getting an offensive weapon like Bell. The Texans should be in win now mode and a move like this would signify that. Their porous offensive line isn’t getting any better and with the AFC South up for grabs it’s time for Houston to make a power move and go for gold. Defensive coordinators would have fits trying to game plan for a Watson-Bell backfield.

Texans: Le’Veon Bell RB

Steelers: 2019 1st Round Pick, 2019 2nd Round pick (Seattle)

The New York Jets: Sam Darnold looked as advertised in week one’s shellacking of Detroit. His running game wasn’t bad either, as both Bilal Powell and Isiah Crowell impressed with 162 combined yards and 2 touchdowns. And while this could be a winning formula for the rest of the year, why not go overboard and acquire Bell. Like Watson, Darnold is on a rookie contract, so the Jets can afford to lock up Bell long term. Plus, with as good as Darnold looked, Le’Veon would elevate this offense to another level that it just can not reach with Crowell and Powell. 

Jets: Le’Veon Bell RB

Steelers: 2019 1st Round Pick, 2020 3rd Round Pick, Bilal Powell RB

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