Week 1 Reaction

The Bills played about one of the worst games we have ever seen in Baltimore on Sunday.

Then the Lions said hold my beer.

Image result for Lions week one fans
The only good thing to happen in Detroit Monday Night

The Lions had the worst week one of any team, largely because there was actually some semblance of hope surrounding the team going into week 1. The Bills, starting Nathan Peterman, were expected to fall flat on their faces.

The Lions were not the only surprise team to lay an egg. The New Orleans Saints also took a dump on the field week one, giving up a ridiculous 417 yards and 5 total touchdowns to Ryan freaking Fitzpatrick at home.

On the other end of the spectrum, plenty of teams went out and handled business in week one. The Vikings controlled the 49ers for 4 quarters, and the Jaguars took care of the Giants in a nice road win to open the season. The defending Super Bowl champion Eagles fended off the Falcons in a game that was eerily similar to the divisional playoff game last season.

Image result for tyreek hill

It was the Tyreek Hill show in LA, where the Chiefs snagged a road divisional win against the Chargers in a game that makes me less confident in the Bolts. Pat Mahomes was able to showcase the big-play ability without the crippling turnovers. I think he will be more up and down this season, but Sunday was a great start.

And Cleveland, oh Cleveland. For them to tie in that game was a blessing, as the Steelers  had plenty of chances to win. The weather was a huge factor in this game for both teams, and Myles Garrett is an absolute game-breaker.

The Cowboys and Panthers game went about how I expected it to, with neither team truly impressing and the Panthers coming out on top. The Panthers likely feel good about themselves, but a reckoning is coming week 2 when they head to Atlanta.

Image result for Washington Redskins
The Alex Smith era is underway.

Two of my NFL sleeper cells showed out in week one. The Redskins dominated in the desert, and as previously mentioned the Jets throttled the Lions. With games against the Colts and Dolphins in week 2 upcoming, I like both their chances to start the year 2-0.

I’m feeling less confident about my pick of a Saints/Chargers Super Bowl, but I’ll stick with it for now. I also feel less confident in my slander of the Rams, they may just be for real.

Overall, I felt it was an enjoyable week one of NFL football, and Week 2 kicks off Thursday between AFC North foes Baltimore and Cincinnati.



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