ESPN just produced the most heinous television segment of all time.

What is this?


In case you don’t want to watch it (I can’t blame you there), the clip is from Matthew Berry’s fantasy show which has a set that looks like something you’d find on Nick Junior. The gist of it is that Berry likes a lot of running backs, and his yatted up podcast producer Daniel Dopp tries to ‘pin him’ like a wrestler to pick only a few guys.

Trey Burton is a solid sleeper in deeper leagues.

Sweep the leg!

The only reason I made it through the whole two minute segment is that I was waiting for a Chris Jones combine moment.

Berry’s TV show and the segment is only the tip of the iceberg of ESPN fantasy suckitude. There are no decimal points so you’re running back who ran for 89 yards gets the same amount of points as your opponent’s back who ran for 81 yards. You can’t use a custom photo for your team logo and end up having a Field Yates bitmoji above your team for the whole year. The app crashes on week one every single season.

Real fantasy players use ‘Yahoo!’.



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