Could the Washington Redskins unseat the Eagles in the NFC East?

No NFC East team has repeated as divisional champions since the 2003 and 2004 seasons, when, well, the Eagles did it. Philly will attempt to bookend 14 years of history with themselves in 2018, but things are not as great in the city of brotherly love as many believe.

Carson Wentz has not been cleared for contact yet. The young superstar is coming off a torn ACL. He will not start week one, and he could sit out longer. Many will say that since Nick Foles is the back-up, there is no cause for concern. These many are wrong.

Nick Foles is not a good quarterback.

I’ll say it again.

Nick Foles is not a good quarterback.

Nick Foles historically has been one of the most up and down quarterbacks in the NFL. His inability to bring stability to his play is why he is and always will be a career back-up.

Nick Foles has been awful this preseason.

Image result for nick foles browns preseason
Nick Foles sucked against the Browns.

The Eagles are also dealing with injuries to start the season. Alshon Jeffrey will not play until week 3, and Mack Hollins is doubtful to play week 1. This means Foles will be relying on Mike Wallace and Nelson Agholor on the outside, which isn’t ideal, granted he still has Ertz down the middle. Tim Jernigan, one of the Eagles more prominent defensive lineman will miss at least half the year.

In the Eagles favor is that their first 4 games are pretty manageable. I do expect them to lose to Atlanta, but the roster is strong enough that they should win their next three bouts against the Winston-less Bucs, Colts, and Titans. However, if Foles implodes and Wentz still isn’t cleared, the Eagles could dig themselves a small hole to start the season.

So, pending a slow start for the Eagles, could any of the NFC East teams take advantage? I’m counting the Giants and Cowboys out, but the Redskins have been intriguing to me all off-season, and I believe that they are being slept on harder than any other team in the NFL.

Doubt me if you may, but I am somewhat of a NFC East savant. I was on Dak before all of you were, and I picked the Eagles to win the division last year.

The Redskins have the longest odds to win the NFC East according to MyBookie, which is heinous. This is mainly due to the hype and brand-name bets the Giants and Cowboys attract, but still this seems crazy to me.

Image result for jamison crowder
Jamison Crowder is one of the most underrated receivers in the NFL.

Alex Smith could be better than Kirk Cousins was, and he has decent weapons around him in Josh Doctson, Jamison Crowder, and Jordan Reed. The addition of Phil Richardson is intriguing at the least as well. The injury to Guice hurts, but they have had a stable of guys back there since Alfred Morris, so this is nothing new for the coaching staff to deal with. Adrian Peterson also has some left in the tank, folks.

On defense, the line should be a strength with a nice mix of veteran and young players. Josh Norman is an elite player at his position, snagging a few picks this year would be good to see from him.

I keep going back and forth on whether or not to pick this team to win the division or not. If I knew how many weeks Wentz would be out, it would make it easier. If Wentz misses 5 or more games, the Redskins could make a run at this thing. If he is back by week 5, I think the Eagles have the edge.

As for prophecy, I will put out this. I say that the week 17 game in Landover, Maryland between the Eagles and Redskins will flexed into Sunday Night Football on NBC for the NFC East Championship. If this prophecy comes true, gimme the ‘Skins 13-7 in a sloppy one.

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